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Presented July 2014

At 1454 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica

Adapted & Directed by Brooke Bishop

With Original Music Written and Performed by
Daniel Landberg with Arthur Koroghlian


David Hartstone as Romeo
Megan Ruble as Juliet

The Ensemble

Allison Volk
Colin Martin
Daniel Landberg
Gilbert Martinez
Mallory Wedding



Presented March-April 2014

At 1454 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica

Adapted & Directed by Brooke Bishop


Featuring (alphabetically)

Todd Elliott as Antonio
David Hartstone as Bassanio
Daniel J. Landberg as Troubadour
Gilbert Ybarra-Martinez as Clown
Peter Nikkos as Shylock
Frank James Jr. as Lorenzo
Megan Ruble as Jessica
Allison Volk as Portia
Mallory Marie Wedding as Nerissa
Frank Weidner as Gratiano



Presented Halloween through Thanksgiving, 2013

At 1454 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica

Adapted & Directed by Brooke Bishop

Macbeth witches

Created and Performed by:

The Ensemble:

Brooke Bishop as witch, servant, doctor
Jose Espinosa as Banquo, Porter
Colin Martin as Macbeth
Gilbert Martinez as Duncan, Macduff, servant
Spencer Paez as Malcolm, Fleance, murderer
Mary Ellen Schneider as witch, Rosse, gentlewoman, Lady Macduff
Allison Volk as Lady Macbeth, witch, murderer, soldier


Presented Saturdays, 6/8, 6/15, 6/29, & 7/6, 2013

At the Rustic Canyon Rec Center, Santa Monica

Adapted & Directed by Brooke Bishop



(pictured from left to right)

Jacques Freydont as The Dukes
Hayley Brown as Audrey
Nik Roybal as Touchstone
Mary Ellen Schneider as Celia
Goran Ozanic as Oliver
Colin Martin as Jaques
Theo Salter as Orlando
Allison Volk as Rosalind
Greg Barnett as Corin
Mark Holzum as Charles & Silvius
Michelle Lukiman as Phoebe

photo by Ariel Miick


Presented Thursday, February 14 ~ Valentine’s Day ~ 2013

At the James Gray Gallery at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica

Adapted from Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew

Directed by Brooke Bishop

Featuring the musical stylings of Aaron Beaumont and Amanda Wallace

Shrew_Blue BarCast

(pictured, from left to right):

Andrew Thacher as Tranio
Theo Salter as Lucentio
Judy Fleming as Vincentia & Grumio
Colin Martin as Petruchio
Allison Volk as Katherine
Jacques Freydont as Baptista
Mary Keane as Bianca
Jose Espinosa as Hortensio

photo by Dusti Cunningham


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