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CityShakes is now accepting audition submissions for 2014 productions of The Cherry Orchard and Twelfth Night.

Please review the breakdowns and submission instructions below. Please do not submit for a show if you are not available for the performance dates.


The Cherry Orchard

Overview: This fall, The City Shakespeare Company hosts a Studio M production of Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard (translation by the late Michael Henry Heim). Studio M’s founder and Artistic Director is CityShakes’ Resident Assistant Director, Mallin Alter. The show is dedicated to Mr. Heim’s memory, who was a professor of Ms. Alter’s at UCLA. This production will combine Edwardian and contemporary elements to create a world that helps us connect this transcendent story to our modern experience: a world where people struggle to reconcile with the changing tides of progress.

Union / Pay: This is a non-union project, with a small stipend for compensation.

Venue: The show will rehearse and perform at The CityShakes Studio at 1454 Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica.

Timeline: Auditions will take place on August 1 & 2. Rehearsals begin September 4. Performances: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday evenings, October 9-19.

Role Breakdown:

*Please note: These ages are the ages of the characters, and are listed to give you an idea of character. This will not be an age-accurate production, so please do submit if the role sounds like a fit for you, regardless of age. Also, unless specified as ‘white’, performers of all ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition.

Lyuba – F, 40’s, white – elegant, melancholic, but kind

Anya – F, late teens, white – petite, ingenue

Varya – F, 20s, white – petite, bookish

Gaev – M, 50’s-60’s – portly, bearded

Lopakhin – M, 30’s-40’s – medium-height, “everyman”

Petya Tofimov – M, late 20’s-30’s – thin, awkward, bookish

Boris Pishchik – M, late 50’s-60’s – portly, bearded

Sharlotta Ivanovna – F, 30’s-40’s

Yepikhodov – M, 20’s-40’s – awkward, dorky

Dunyasha – F, 20’s-30’s – flirtatious

Firs – M, 80s, white – thin, elderly, serious

Yasha – M, 20’s-30’s – scheming, mischievous


Twelfth Night

Overview: This holiday season, The City Shakespeare company brings a whimsical, wintry production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night to Santa Monica. Co-founding Artistic Director Brooke Bishop will direct, Co-founding Artistic Director Allison Volk will play Olivia, and CityShakes Resident Artist Mallory Wedding will play Viola. All other roles are available.

Union / Pay: This is a non-union project. Performers will receive $2 more than the Equity minimum per-performance pay for such a project: $11/performance.

Venue: The show will rehearse and perform at The CityShakes Studio at 1454 Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica.

Timeline: Auditions will take place on August 1 & 2. Rehearsals begin October 26. Performances: Thursday, Friday, & Saturday evenings, December 4-20.

Role Breakdown:

*Please note – For all roles, performers of all ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition.

Mariah – F, mid-20’s-30’s – sassy, facile, witty, comedic – she is Olivia’s servingwoman. She subverts her mistress’ authority, plays tricks on the uptight Malvolio, and falls in love with the drunken Toby Belch.

Antonia/o – F/M, 20’s – he or she spends the play showering care and affection on Sebastian, loving him unconditionally

Feste – F/M – 20’s-40’s – he or she is the fool of the play – the bridge between audience and characters. Witty, comedic. Musical ability a plus (esp. skill on a handheld, acoustic instrument such as guitar, fiddle, ukelele, accordian)

Orsino – M, late 20’s-late 40’s – he is a wealthy Duke who spends the play simultaneously pining after Olivia and unwittingly falling for his male servant (actually Viola in disguise).

Sebastian – M, mid-20’s – attractive, lean, maybe a little androgynous. Viola’s twin brother, Sebastian survives a shipwreck and tries to get his footing in the strange land of Illyria before reuniting with his sister.

Toby Belch – M, late 20’s-40’s – raucous, dionysus-like, dry, comedic. He wreaks havoc on Olivia’s quiet, upright home, spreads mischief and chaos, and woos Mariah.

Andrew Aguecheek – M, mid-20’s-late 30’s – ditzy, nervous, awkward, fun-loving. Andrew is Toby’s best bud, and an unfortunate easy target for he and Mariah’s pranks. He tries to be the knight he’s sired to be, but can’t quite cut it.

Malvolio – M, late 20’s-40’s – stern, upright. Malvolio takes himself and his position in Olivia’s household very seriously and reprimands those around him for behaving badly. He falls prey to Mariah and Toby’s pranks and ends up making a hilarious fool of himself.

How to Submit:

Please send an email to Include the show(s) and role(s) you are submitting for. Attach your headshot and resume.


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