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The cast of R&J with CityShakes fan, Rivers Cuomo.

The cast of R&J with CityShakes fan, Rivers Cuomo.

How bittersweet it is saying goodbye to Romeo & Juliet: The ensemble was tight, the story was emotional, and the community was engaged.

SCREAMfmLondon called CityShakes “a great asset to the community — it continues to offer simple, relatable and charming adaptations of Shakespeare’s classics. I already look forward to the next one.” Read the whole review here.

And audiences are raving about the show! Did you know we’re on Yelp? Read what CityShakes fans are saying here.

We’re sad to close the page on this chapter, but – as is our way – we are already onto the next one!

So what’s next? Ok, bullet points, GO!

    • Artistic Directors Allison Volk and Brooke Bishop just got back from a successful location scout and casting session in Colorado, where CityShakes will shoot a feature film adaptation of Macbeth in September.
    • Mallin Alter, CityShakes Assistant Director is prepping for her production of Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, opening in October.
    • We’re hiring cast and crew for CityShakes’ winter sing-along production of Twelfth Night, opening in December.

So sit tight and stay tuned while we continue to bring you accessible, riveting, and contemporary adaptations of the most powerful stories ever told.


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