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Ok, so I know Romeo & Juliet is supposed to be sad and all, but we are having a blast. Last night, we previewed the show for a handful of folks from Adolfo-Camarillo High School, and we had so much fun.

Allison Volk as Benvolio and David Hartstone as Romeo. Photo by Kevin Agustin

Allison Volk as Benvolio and David Hartstone as Romeo. Photo by Kevin Agustin

Here’s some of what our preview audience had to say after the show:

“It was like it was real. At first, it started, and I felt like ok this is a theater show, but gradually it just felt real, like it was truly happening.”
– Helen Zhang, parent

“Just wonderful. You cut it down to the essentials. Everything was there.”
– Lori Pristera, high school English teacher

“When Lady Capulet cried over Juliet’s body, I cried – I was like oh no mom’s crying!”
– Joyce Seok, high school student

We are so grateful to our preview audience for their presence and generosity and feedback. Thanks to them, we go into opening night tonight with even more confidence that our mission to create the most real, grounded Romeo & Juliet you’ve ever seen has been accomplished!

Tonight’s Opening Night Masquerade is completely SOLD OUT, and tickets to our remaining 7 performances are going FAST. Get your tickets here.

Oh! If you’re new to our shows, check out our “Plan Your Visit” page by clicking here. The CityShakes experience is one-of-a-kind, so read up, and know what to expect to get the most out of your visit!

For now, enjoy this handful of production photos by Kevin Agustin, and we’ll see you at the show!

Colin Martin as Mercutio. Photo by Kevin Agustin.

Gilbert Martinez as Tybalt and Allison Volk as Benvolio. Photo by Kevin Agustin.


Mallory Wedding as the Nurse and Megan Ruble as Juliet. Photo by Kevin Agustin.



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