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Allison Volk – Co-Founding Artistic Director of CityShakes – shares what she learned playing the role of Casting Director at the first round of auditions for our upcoming feature film adaptation of Macbeth, working title: Heat of Deeds.

“When I first moved to Los Angeles, I did what every smart young actor does: I went to every single audition possible. I drove all over kingdom come and literally spent hours in the car because I wanted to get as much experience as possible (and I got that, as well as a sore butt!).

Auditioning is such an interesting – and frustrating at times – process. Sometimes, it’s just so much fun you can’t believe it. You come in, you nail it, the people are great and the project feels really interesting. Other times it’s not as good. You might get to the audition a little late because of traffic, only to find that you didn’t really need to be so stressed about it because there’s a huge line of actors waiting before you.

And then there’s the part that I find the most difficult: waiting your turn in the lobby. This part always kills me, because I feel like no matter how Zen I try to be, I always get in my head. Everyone is really quiet and sneaking glances at each other. What is she wearing? Which role is he here for? I always found it to be a challenge to stay focused. For me, I am my most in-the-moment, active and genuine when I’m interacting with people and moving around. Keeping my blood flowing and my muscles flexible.

Anyway, here’s what I wanted to share this week. Since I started City Shakes with Brooke Bishop, I’ve been on the CD side of the table more often than I’ve been on the actor end. This past week we were in Colorado doing the first round of casting for Heat of Deeds, our feature film adaptation of Macbeth.

I have to say, I was very impressed with the actors in Colorado. A lot of them gave very professional and inspiring performances.There were three things that I thought set some actors above the rest, in terms of professionalism, and that’s what I’ve shared in the video. Enjoy!”


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