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The cast of MACBETH stages the end of the play.

The cast of MACBETH stages the end of the play.

Well, folks, the CityShakes team is definitely doing some trailblazing with this production of Macbeth. We’re pushing against all sorts of theatrical traditions. We’ve removed the theatre from the theater space and let it run loose in our reclaimed warehouse space. We’ve almost entirely abandoned the traditional director-cast relationship in favor of a more equitable, organic process of group exploration and discovery.

Perhaps our most unique endeavor is the way we have incorporated set, costume, light, and sound design into our rehearsal process. We the ensemble are also the set, costume, prop, light, sound, and smell (yes, smell!) designers. Each of us is a captain of one of these aesthetic elements, which allows each of us to focus on the aesthetics of the piece through a particular, focused lens. Of course, this collaborative, integrated approach to design has its pros and cons.

Pros? More cast ownership, more ensemble unity, more sensory immersion for the audience, more truth experienced in more visceral ways.

Cons? We’re actors. We struggle with things like geometry. You should have SEEN us trying to figure out how to arrange 5 benches in the space in the shape of an equilateral pentagon. It’s much more difficult than it sounds, I swear! Anyway, It’s those moments we understand the value of a technical director…

BUT! Onward and upward – we’re having a blast, we’re building some awesome benches (see below), and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to. Join us on Halloween for MACBETH – tickets here.

– Brooke

Allison sands a bench.

Allison sands a bench. What a badass.


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