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This week, the Company began rehearsals for Macbeth with a marathon day of reading, discussion, movement, and publicity photos. Here’s what we look like getting ourselves all prettied up for the shoot!

photo shoot dressing

Brooke Bishop, Mary Ellen Schneider, Colin Martin, and Allison Volk – gettin’ beautified.

(Stay tuned for the photographic fruits of our labors – courtesy of the talented, passionate CityShakes company member, Ashley Tsai)

Allison headshot

Allison Volk – photo by Vince Truspin

Oh, and one more thing – this week, CityShakes co-founder Allison Volk wrote a guest blog post for Bitter Lemons, aptly titled, “Ok. We Get It. ‘Macbeth’ is In Vogue. But Why?”

She writes, “I’ve always heard that the consciousness of our culture goes through phases, that one Shakespeare play will be really popular and everyone wants to do it at once. If that’s true, what is it about ‘Macbeth’ that resonates so deeply with our collective mind?

First, let’s consider the nature of the play. I’m not of the popular belief that ‘Macbeth’ is a tale of “unbridled evil.” I think that’s a cop out. To me, ‘Macbeth’ is a story about two human beings who really want something and do naughty things to get it, and then have to pay the consequences. The appeal is not in slapping the “evil” label on the Macbeths and making them un-relatable, the appeal is that as an audience, we actually kind of want them to succeed.”

It’s pretty juicy if you ask me… do go ahead and read the entire article here.

‘Til next week,



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