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Dear reader, Shakespeare lover, CItyShakes follower,

This week’s post is 12 hours behind schedule – we at CityShakes have had a big day! Allison and I spent the last two days space-hunting: making phone calls, emailing proposals, snapping drive-by photos of “Now Leasing” signs, and wandering around warehouses. Our search has been very fruitful – we’ve learned that “$2 modified gross” means “$2 per square foot per month”, which – in the case of a 1500 square-foot space – means “$3000 rent per month.” Now, why they don’t just say “the rent on this place is $3000” is beyond us, but that’s neither here nor there. We’ve met some great people – an eccentric artsy landlady, and a lovely Argentine aerialist – and have seen some great industrial and creative spaces. We’ve got a few promising leads that we’re following – but we’re always open to more – do you have any?

This Sunday, rehearsals begin with a read-through, some essence pieces, and a publicity photo shoot. At the rehearsal, I will show the cast a collection of images that are inspired by and inform the world of Macbeth as I see it. Please share with us an image that calls Macbeth to mind for YOU – send it to We will gladly add it to our image bank and you may just see it this time next week, re-posted on this blog with the rest of the collage.

We’d love your input,



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  1. This is a great post! Well written.

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