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you think he’s small and cute NOW… just you wait…

Theatre is like a goldfish: it grows to the size of its tank. No matter how much rehearsal time we allot, it never feels like enough. And it’s not just rehearsal hours – it’s also the processing time amongst and between those hours that feels lacking. I’m pretty sure there’s no cure to this “problem”, and that it may not even be that much of a problem, because one of the wonderful things about the ephemeral, transient theatre is the way it can mess with perceptions of time, in all sorts of ways. So, this blog post isn’t about a cure, but a kind of… remedy.

We at CityShakes are in the lovely, albeit delusional, phase of producing Macbeth where we feel like we have all the time in the world. And so we thought, “what a perfect time to take a big chunk of time and dive head-first into the text!” We haven’t settled on a space, we haven’t cast the show, we haven’t firmed up a production calendar – and that is why, come August 3, we will spend an entire Saturday with a handful of artists, working on and from the text of Macbeth. We’ll read, we’ll speak, we’ll play, move, act, create, and explore. And we can’t wait.

Stay tuned, because next week’s blog post will reveal the time and place on Saturday, August 3rd, where we hope to share some of our discoveries with the public.

EDIT: I just “Yahoo Answers”ed it (is that a verb yet?) and apparently goldfish growing to fit the size of their tank is a myth. But let’s not split hairs – you get the point nonetheless.



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