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“Here’s a young maid with travel much oppress’d, and faints for succour” – AYLI, II.4 – Mary Ellen Schneider as Celia

June gloom is coming to a close, and I for one was already feeling the heat when I got to work at 6am this morning. If you’re feeling oppressed by the heat, CityShakes has the remedy: a Saturday afternoon at the Rustic Canyon Recreation Center in the Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica (read: the little oasis just up Latimer Rd. from Upper Mesa Rd.).

Join us this Saturday for a 90-minute version of Shakespeare’s loveliest rom-com, As You Like It. Pack a picnic, bring a hat, and meander up the winding tree-lined streets of the Palisades. We’ll be playing in the field adjacent to the baseball diamond, just down the hill from the parking lot at the Rec Center.

The show starts at 2, but if I were you, I would make a day of it. Bring your friends, kids, and dogs. Have some food and drink. Even plan to play some tennis or frisbee. This park is for playing, and we’d love to see you getting the most out of your summer Saturday, before you see us spout some Shakespeare.

‘Til then,

– Brooke


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