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Brooke and I spent a lot of time on the post cards for As You Like It (oh, you didn’t realize that City Shakes has an awesome production of one of Shakespeare’s most-loved comedies coming up this weekend? How lucky of you to have stumbled upon this blog post! Quickly jump to this LINK for more information and we’ll see you on Saturday).

We both wanted the post cards to be awesome: informative, exciting, fun, but still professional. Just like our show. I made the first pass at it, but by the time we agreed on a final design it looked quite different.


I know that’s what you’re thinking. There’s a reason, dear reader, and the reason is this: we thought they were going to be perfect, but when the printed pages arrived in the mail, there was a major and hilarious flaw on the cards: the squiggly red Microsoft Office you-spelled-it-wrong line was still pointing out that some of our actors have unusual names. AH!

-3Turns out we’re just human after all. Apparently we can’t even outsmart the computers who are trying to help us spell-check.

After all, aren’t mistakes like this the spice of life? Isn’t that what theater is all about? No one wants to watch a play about someone making perfect postcards. They want to watch a play about someone who really wants to make their post cards perfect, but their computer breaks down so they have to drive to Staples to design it where they run into a homeless person who’s actually a genie and grants them three postcard-making wishes which get progressively more desperate as the postcards get progressively more dramatic (3D! No, 4D! No, when you look at the postcard you’re transported into the world of the play but it’s actually a labyrinth and you have to escape the minotaur who’s chasing you and his head isn’t a bull it’s Shakespeare’s head except that actually just makes him Shakespeare so Shakespeare is chasing you through the labyrinth with a knife-pen!) until finally everything is resolved in the end, to our relief, and it’s just a regular, 2D postcard.


Come see the show this weekend!

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