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Run away with us to the Forest of Arden! IntoArden(1)

Happy Thursday! In case you were wondering, The City Shakespeare crew is hard at work creating our summer show, As You Like It. You can see how tough we have it in the image below… :)

We’re now in week 2 of rehearsals and the cast is bonding nicely. Saturday and Sunday are long afternoons in the park under the Los Angeles sun (you know wh-3at that means, lots of sunscreen for some of us!). There’s just nothing like rehearsing Shakespeare to the sound of children laughing and dogs barking and the smell of BBQ on the grill. Mmm.

On Sunday there was a children’s party happening towards the end of rehearsal and I got really distracted. The adults blew up two huge plastic balls which the children climbed in and rolled around in… and apparently had fun. Just watching them made me dizzy. I even took a photo so you could see (that’s distracting, right!?).

Anyway, dear reader, I’m very proud to share the animated GIF with you, above, created by the talented Colin Martin, but the truth is that it hurts my eyes to look at it while I write so I’ll bid you adieu. Stay tuned for more juicy news about City Shakes!

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