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We at CityShakes believe that art – especially live theater – is necessary to a healthy community, and that it is worth paying for. However, the desire to pay and the ability to pay are two very different things. In order to keep our events affordable – if not free – we need your help. We are working hard to develop a sustainable business model that relieves the burden of generosity from our families, friends, and colleagues, but it’s no secret that we are still a young company, and that sustainability comes with age. Even The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, (employing the most artists of any repertory company in the US today), came from humble beginnings, supported by the local community’s hunger for live performance of the classics.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival - Founded in 1935

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival – Founded in 1935

If you believe what we believe, and you believe we are on our way to manifesting these beliefs in action, invest in us.

Click here to contribute to the Indiegogo campaign for our summer show, As You Like It.

(We’ve got a trailer to share with you, too!)

Four hundred years later, As You Like It is still about all of us – the social roles we’re forced to play and how these roles limit our humanity. In the Forest of Arden, Shakespeare imagines a world where we can break free of these roles and come to discover who we really are. It’s a world that empowers and enlightens – where we can behave however we choose, and love whomever we choose.

As You Like It is Shakespeare’s most joyous play, and our production will definitely be spreading some joy. We’ve got circus acts, a dancing lion (played by a human, of course!), bluegrass music, break-ups, make-ups, love, and laughter. Think Water for Elephants meets O Brother, Where Art Thou?. You’ll want to bring a blanket, a picnic basket, and the people you love most, because this is going to be a summer to remember.

Thank you for investing in us – we are already invested in you.

– Brooke & Allison


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