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As You Like It Casting is Under Way

CityShakes is putting together another passionate, collaborative, multi-talented ensemble for our summer show, As You Like It.  Brooke’s adaptation of course retains Shakespeare’s language, but is shorter, snappier, and more contemporary. In keeping with CityShakes’ mission to feature various artforms at our events, As You Like It will be one part Shakespeare play, one part circus, and one part bluegrass barbecue. Think Water for Elephants meets O Brother, Where Art Thou.

The Show:

Rehearsals: Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Saturday and Sunday afternoons; May 12-June 8

Performances: Saturday and Sunday afternoons; June 9-July 7

Location: Rustic Canyon Recreation Center

Join Us:

We’re still looking for actors, singers, musicians, and dancers of all kinds to play with. Auditions, most rehearsals, and performances will be outdoors. If you’re down to have a blast – working with Shakespeare’s words, playing in the sun, and sharing your talent with audiences, check out the breakdown of roles we’re still casting. Send your headshot and resume to for an audition slot this Saturday or Sunday.
Auditions are casual, fun, and workshop-style. We’ll do some movement, cold-reading, comedic monologues, singing, and circus tricks. If you’ve already signed up to audition, we are so excited to play with you this weekend!

Who We Are:


Director – Brooke Bishop
(Director of ‘Shrew’)


Rosalind – Allison Volk
Co-Founder, CityShakes
(Katherine in ‘Shrew’)


Orlando – Theo Salter
(Lucentio in ‘Shrew’)

Intense dangerous (small)

Jaques – Colin Martin
(Petruchio in ‘Shrew’)

Freydont headshot 600

The Dukes Senior and Frederick – Jacques Freydont
(Baptista in ‘Shrew’)

Michelle Lukiman

Phoebe – Michelle Lukiman


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