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Quick survey, answer honestly:

1. Are you a female?

2. Does the idea of cleaning out your closet + getting new clothes/shoes/jewelry/accessories + drinking champagne + socializing + helping fund a socially important community theater event sound like a win-win-win-win-win to you?

3. Do you live in Los Angeles or are you willing to fly to Los Angeles for a day of (see #2)?

Clothing Swap_PublicIf you answered YES to those three questions, then boy are you lucky! Coming up on March 17th (yes, I know that’s St. Patrick’s Day! I also know that’s THIS Sunday!) City Shakes is hosting a clothing swap to help fund our summer 2013 show, As You Like It.

Admission is $20. Please bring all the gently used clothing you no longer want, plus a bottle of fun (champagne) and let’s get ready to have a productive day! Depending on your definition of “productive” ;)

Any unclaimed clothing items will be donated to the Ocean Park shelter for battered women.

Interested? Drop by any time between 12 pm and 5 pm on Sunday. Email for address. Feel free to bring friends!



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