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As You Like It InvitationWhat happens when you put twelve kick-ass actors in a room, give them a little wine and a great adaptation of As You Like It, and let ’em go?

Magic happens.

And so it did, last Sunday night. We read some Shakespeare, shared a little drink, and laughed together, discussing the meaning of the work. Does Orlando know that Ganymede is actually Rosalind? Why does Duke Frederick have such a dramatic change of heart at the end? Are Celia and Rosalind lesbians!?

Our intention for the evening was to read Brooke’s cut of the script out loud, and get to know new actors, expanding City Shakes’ “actor pool,” as we call it.

I’d say we accomplished all those things and then some. The event reminded me why theater is so important, and why it’s worth preserving this timeless cultural tradition: theater creates community. People sharing themselves, even for just a few hours, is precious and satisfying in a deeply human way.

At one point in the evening, I sat alone on the sofa and watched our friends chatting over the snack table. The memory makes me smile because I felt so happy. Filling the house with thoughtful, artistic and interested people always makes me happy.

Thanks so much to the individuals who participated in the reading. I can’t wait to see what the summer entails!



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