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CityShakes’ first event, Shrew, was a big success! We had 11 artists, 8 volunteers, and over 100 audience members in attendance.

CityShakes would like to thank:

  • Aaron Beaumont and Amanda Wallace for their smashing musical performance – Aaron and Amanda performed a number of original songs – go to to hear more
  • Dusti Cunningham for his photography – Dusti took the photo that became our primary publicity image for Shrew – go to to see more
  • Sam Miller for his videography – Sam filmed the entire event, including pre and post-show – video upload coming soon
  • Heidi and James Gray, plus Christine and Tim of the James Gray Gallery for their support – go to learn more
  • Karen Dexter, for wine
  • Our stellar group of volunteers including Lisa Volk, Annie Volk, and Michelle Lukiman, for greeting, hosting, and serving.
  • Our good-natured, game-for-anything, passionate audience members, for attending, laughing, eating, and drinking – for making Shrew worth doing. CityShakes is about community, and community certainly happened on Thursday night.

Were you at the event? Have ideas for future events? We’d LOVE to hear from you! Drop us a line at to give us some feedback on the play or the event, or to give us inspiration for the future.

Up next:

As You Like It

Flee to the forest – watch what happens…


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