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bergamot-cover  CityShakes is overjoyed to announce that Shrew will take place at the James Gray Gallery at Bergamot Station Arts Center  in Santa Monica. The space is beautiful, and the organization is admirable. The James Gray Gallery is a space for talented international artists to display and sell their work. By providing space, career counseling, and educational programs for little-known artists, the James Gray Gallery makes accessible fabulous art that the public may not have been able to see otherwise. What organization could be more perfect to pair with CityShakes for an evening of accessible Shakespeare?

Visual Amalgam Show 2008

The space itself is gorgeous and spacious, with four galleries and a mezzanine hosting up to five artists at a time. Currently, you can see the fascinating sculptural work of Karen Cope, among others, and you should, because it’s awesome. The gallery is conveniently located in Bergamot Station. In case you haven’t been to this amazing community mecca for the arts, it’s nestled in its own enclosed campus in Santa Monica, at Michigan and Cloverfield, just between Olympic and the Santa Monica Freeway. There are plenty of galleries to explore, plus the Santa Monica Museum of Art and the City Garage Theatre. Oh, and there is plenty of parking! I don’t mean that in a Los Angeles sort of way; I mean actually, there is actually plenty of parking.

What does all this mean for Shrew and for you? Picture this: Thursday, February 14, 2013, you and your Valentine(s) get gussied up and head down to Bergamot Station. Upon arrival, you find that you can choose from among many open parking spots, and stroll into the James Gray Gallery. There you’ll find FREE and fabulous visual art, music (musicians to be announced!), food, drink, and Shakespeare. Wow. I wish I were you.

Here’s to the James Gray Gallery for supporting accessible arts and for hosting CityShakes’ Shrew! See you on Valentine’s Day at Bergamot Station.



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  1. I’m so excited about this!

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